Hydroseeding is a highly innovative and especially effective seed application process, which combines select grass seed varieties with all the ingredients necessary to promote rapid, healthy grass growth on almost any viable surface.

Proven Seed Varieties

Fertilizers, lime, biostimulants, moisture retention polymers, organic tackifiers, and mulches of recycled paper, wood, and wood pulp are combined with specially selected grass seed to create a rich slurry that can be broadly and uniformly applied to establish strong, even vegetation and reliable erosion control.

Lawns Reinvented

K. Bellavance uses a Jet Agitated Hydroseeder to most efficiently mix a consistent product and effectively apply an incomparable lawn surface to your property.

  • Contractors, Homeowners, and Commercial Clients
  • Jet Agitated Hydroseeder
  • Quicker, More Reliable Growth Rate
  • Steep or Uneven Terrain, Hillsides, Ravines, Ditches, and more
  • Erosion Control
  • Spot Seed Lawn Remediation
  • Lawns in Less Time for Less Money

Reduced Cost - Reliable Growth

Hydroseeding is rapidly replacing most conventional seeding processes with quicker, more uniform germination, reduced costs, and superior erosion control. Sun or shade varieties, roadside, hillside, or field applications, wildflower, native grasses, athletic field mixes, and more.

Commercial Grass Solutions

Hydroseeding is the ideal solution for commercial grass application needs. New roadways, hillsides, new lawn installations, driveway edges, industrial buildings, parking lot perimeters and medians. K. Bellavance serves commercial/industrial clients across the state with hydroseeding applications for projects of any size for thicker, healthier, long-lasting growth.

Specialized Equipment
  • Jet Agitated Hydroseeder