Material Hauling

K. Bellavance Land Works & Hauling built the backbone of our business on materials hauling, delivery, clean-up, and disposal for contractors, commercial/industrial companies, and residential customers across Vermont and the surrounding area.

Heavy Duty Hauling

We’ve outfitted our experienced crew with one-ton and tri-axle heavy duty trucks to haul anywhere from a ½ to 16 yards of material at a time, provide for timely delivery, and superior clean-up.

Any Material -Any Amount

We work with clients of any size delivering a one-time load of top soil or compost for your home garden, to ongoing deliveries of road millings, sand or gravel to major milestone construction projects.

•  Sand •  Crushed Gravel •  Staymat Plant Mix
•  Gravel •  River Rock •  Septic Sand
•  Clean Fill •  Bluestone •  Pea Stone
•  Screened Top Soil •  Fieldstone •  Bark Mulch
•  Driveway Material •  Slate •  Wood Shavings
•  Road Millings •  Ledge Stone •  Organic Compost
•  Drainage Stone •  Mortar Sand •  Colored Rock

Not sure what material is best for your project, or exactly how much you need. Call us today so we can help you determine the best material application for your needs, calculate a precise quantity, and get it delivered!

Materials Delivered Where and When You Need It

Whatever your hauling needs, we’re here to work with you to deliver or dispose of any material, in any quantity, anywhere you need it to go.

Specialized Equipment
  • One-Ton and Tri-Axle Heavy Duty Trucks