Snow & Ice

K. Bellavance Land Works & Hauling offers a wide range of snow and ice management services to residential and commercial clients across Vermont.

24/7 Service

Snow and ice doesn't stop when the sun goes down, and neither do we. We’re committed to meeting your snow and ice control needs 24 hours-a-day / 7 days-a-week, including weekends, nights, days, last minute emergencies, and special event services.

Short and Long-Term Contracts

We offer contracts for a single winter season or multiple years, assuring each of our clients they will not be snowed-in or ice-bound when the winter settles in for the long haul.

Professional Plow Fleet

We run a reliable, independent growing fleet of professional plow trucks, sanding, and ice control units. Our 6’ tractor mounted snow blower clears and throws snow well out of the way, and allows us to maneuver in and around tight spaces, buildings, and parking lots, clearing snow without sacrificing space.

GPS Tracking & Reporting

Our GPS tracking technology enables us to monitor our crews in real-time, wherever they are, giving you precise, reasonable estimates of arrival time, duration of service, and management control application requirements.

We offer regular weekly/monthly or annual reports detailing all services allocated to your property including plowing, sand, and salt application dates and times. Your insurance provider or Human Resources Department will rest easy knowing K. Bellavance is diligently working with you to ensure your property is as safe and passable as possible throughout the winter.

Handicap Accessibility

Our friends and neighbors with physical mobility issues rely on responsible business owners to clear and maintain access to their buildings and establishments, so they can safely navigate icy and snowy parking lots, ramps, and sidewalks. Our crew hits the ground shovels and sand to make sure not only are your parking lots and sidewalks broadly cleared of snow and ice, but the necessary space to maneuver around handicap parking spots, ramps, walkways, and all entrances and exits are clear and safe for all of your employees and visitors.

  • Complete Snow Management Services for All Your Commercial & Residential Properties
  • Road, Parking Lot, and Driveway Plowing
  • Sidewalk and Walkway Snow Clearing
  • Ice Control – Sand and Salt Application
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Regular Detailed Reports
  • Spring Inspections

No Cost Warranty Work

As part of our standard service, we guarantee the repair of any damage done during plowing and snow removal. While we make every effort to avoid these instances, occasionally lawns and edges may show signs of the winter’s maintenance impacts.

We comprehensively inspect each property we maintain every spring, record damages incurred over the winter, and schedule timely repairs and remediation required as a result of our winter maintenance services.

Think we missed something? Give us a call and let us know, we'll make the repairs as soon as possible.

Contact us to determine if your commercial, industrial, or residential property would be best served this winter by the K. Bellavance commitment.

Specialized Equipment
  • Hydraulic Tractor w/ 6’ Snow Blower
  • Full Professional Fleet of Plow Trucks, Salt & Ice Control Units