Commercial Landscaping


Your clients and customers do more than simply engage with your business, they engage with your brand, and that brand experience is defined by much more than the sign on the wall, or the smile behind the counter.

Perennial Solutions

Every aspect of your business including your property, staff, services, and surrounding environment is saying something about your business to your clients and your community. K. Bellavance is here to help your business make the best impression possible.

  • Complete Custom Commercial Landscaping Design/Build
  • Lighting, Water, Drainage & Irrigation
  • Year-Round Landscape Maintenance Including Pruning, Weeding, Mulching, Mowing, and Plant Care
  • Banks, Commercial Buildings, Playgrounds, Plazas, Apartment Buildings, Retail Stores, Restaurants, and more

Brand Identity

Let your landscape tell your brand story in perennial flowering shrubs, canopies of trees, welcoming walkways, patios, planters, benches, and more!