Gone are the days of the simple sledgehammer and wheelbarrow; though we have those, too, of course!

Clear the Way

Our demolition crew efficiently dismantles any structure, substructure, foundation, or natural formations standing between you and your project goals. Our specialized equipment can demolish and clear acres of asphalt, mounds of debris, derelict camps, buildings, and homes. Whatever’s in your way, we can remove it.

  • Ledge, Concrete & Asphalt Demo
  • Demo Camps, Homes, Barns & Buildings
  • Remediate Abandoned or Derelict Sites
  • Haul and Dispose of Demoed Materials

Project Ready

There is no before and after quite like seeing your building demoed and your site returned to project-ready condition. K. Bellavance built its reputation on site work and hauling, it’s what we do best.

Specialized Equipment
  • Jackhammer on excavator
  • Skid Steer
  • Complete line of demolitions and materials hauling equipment