Sod Installation

Locally sourced, top-quality native sods installed by our professional crews will instantly transform your new build or reconditioned property into a picture-perfect lawn and landscape for everyone to enjoy. Unlike traditional seed and straw applications, sod won’t blow around in the wind, wash away in rain, or be eaten by birds. Well-established sod applied to properly, professionally prepared soils provide an unparalleled lawn surface in mere hours.

Professional Preparation & Application

We offer the best bare ground soil preparation in the business before any sod gets laid down with our own Soil Conditioner Machine. We’re able to level, shape, and cut swales where necessary, work in tight areas, clear stones and debris, and provide an aerated, well-conditioned seed bed for your final sod application. Followed by thorough fertilizer application, and irrigation setup, your thick, new lawn will look and feel like it’s been there for years.

  • Any Scale Professional Sod Installation
  • Soil Sampling
  • Soil & Seed Bed Preparation & Augmentation
  • Locally Sourced Vermont-Grown Sod
  • Conditioned Soil for Optimal Rooting
  • Fertilization and Irrigation
  • Mowing to Finalize Seamless Application

Top-Quality - Locally Sourced

See the difference sod can make. Professional installation of locally sourced, top-quality sod and turf by your K. Bellavance property maintenance specialists.

Specialized Equipment
  • Soil Conditioner attachment
  • 60 HP Tractor with 60” Rotary Style Brush Hog Blade