Drainage Solutions

Reliable, long-term surface and sub-surface drainage solutions for fields, lawns, building footprints, basements, and parking lots demands the wide range of service specialties and expertise K. Bellavance Land Works & Hauling has to offer.

Protect Your Property Investment

Grading deficiencies, impermeable soils, and unprotected foundations – our team works to direct water where you want it to go, drain and dry existing saturation areas, waterproof flood-prone infrastructure, and protect the property and acreage you need protected.

  • Emergency Response Services for Water in Apartment Buildings, Homes, Basements, and Businesses
  • Curtain Drains, French Drains, Drain Tiling
  • Ameliorate Wet Fields and Lawns
  • Runoff and Erosion Control
  • Grading, Swales, And Berms
  • Dry Wells
  • Waterproofing Solutions for Basements and Foundations
  • Storm Drain Repair/Install

Water Finds a Way

Water concerns left unresolved can quickly drain your bank account, and cause considerable damage. Protect your property and investments by calling K. Bellavance today.